Quilting Thread


Buy six cones of Glide for $50.00! Sale goes to December 31, 2021! Shipping rates apply.

We carry the main line of Glide 40 wt for quilting & embroidery, Magna-Glide Delights pre-wound bobbins (mainly in M size).


We carry the Affinity line in King & Small cones, & Cairo Quilt cotton spools.


We carry King Tut, Bottom Line, Microquilter, Masterpiece, and are always looking to expand our offerings.

If you want a specific thread made by Hab&Dash or Superior, please call us!
We will be happy to order it for you!

Affinity Threads

Available in King and Mini Cones.  See captions for color name.

King Cones, $21.00; Minis, $8.00.

Cairo Quilt Mini


Glide Threads

Buy six cones of Glide for $50.00! Sale goes until December 31, 2021, and must be from stock on hand. Shipping rates apply.

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