Bluff Springs Quilts

Offering Quilting, Quilting Supplies & Custom Embroidery

About Us

Margie Jones


We Understand What You Need For Your Quilting and Embroidery Projects!

While we are a great outlet for your quilting supplies, we also offer professional services such as longarm quilting, embroidery for quilts, shirts, towels, etc.

Let us begin or finish your heirloom or gift with exceptional completion time! 

We are a small, personal company that is huge on customer service. We offer longarm quilting, embroidery and custom quilting supplies. We don't just sell these products, we USE them ourselves, so we know that you will receive the highest quality.

We take great pride in each quilt we finish, great quality products, & affordable pricing!

Contact us with your project list!

Why Choose Us?

At Bluff Springs Quilts & Embroidery, we are a family owned and operated business offering longarm quilting, embroidery, custom quilts, and supplies for your longarm quilting needs.

We carry Hobbs batting, thread and wide-cotton backing! 

We proudly offer Glide thread for quilting and embroidery, and Magna-Glide Delights pre-wound bobbins. We also carry the Affinity line in king & small cones, & Cairo Quilt cotton spools.

If you want a specific thread made by Hab&Dash call us! We will be happy to order it for you!

We are proud to offer Hobbs Batting. Hobbs Bonded Fibers made a bold commitment to enter the quilt batting market more than four decades ago. They have worked diligently to be the highest quality provider and leader in product development in the industry.